One benefit mid-market organisations hold over their larger enterprise competitors, because of their relative size, is their ability to remain agile. And we all know that, as in many an action film, you have to stay agile to survive.

In fact, according to a survey* carried out by GE Capital across a number of European mid-market companies, executives consider agility as one of their 6 drivers of growth.
Agile in nature, and in approach

Mid-market organisations, by their very nature, embrace all the key drivers of a more agile development approach – speed to market, wide stakeholder engagement, flexibility, cost control.

So with agility at the very essence of a successful mid-market business, why have traditional consulting companies not adapted their consulting methodology to suit the dynamics of this hugely important and growing sector?

Granted, traditional consulting methods are tried and tested but many methodologies have remained largely unchanged for decades. Acora believes these institutionalised methods do not serve the dynamic mid-market very well.

In the mid-market, change is accepted. In fact, it’s expected

Traditional consulting methods may try to determine a roadmap of fixed routes and coordinates without any certainty of future events or changes. Whilst this process may work for large enterprise organisations, it doesn’t necessarily work for the mid-market. These types of organisations don’t want big specs, lengthy status reports, long project plans and change management committees.

They want a highly-facilitated flexible approach that delivers real outcomes in a matter of weeks, not months, with high levels of stakeholder engagement. They must be able to adapt to prevailing conditions, maintain direction and destination but allow for the business to choose alternative routes and exploit opportunities as they arise.

It’s all too common in more traditional projects to deliver a “successful” project in IT terms and find that the outcome is not what was expected, needed or hoped for.  Adopting a less streamlined consultative approach will ensure that valuable time and resources are focused upon achievable initiatives that generate the greatest benefits for their immediate and mid-term futures.

Acora’s consulting practice has been established specifically for businesses in the mid-market. Our unique agile advisory approach produces rapid results and closes the gap between IT and your organisation’s strategic objectives.

*GE Capital: The Mighty Middle: Why Europe’s Future Rests on its Middle Market Companies


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