When we talk to IT leaders we hear some common themes:

  • The need to enable flexible working and promote collaboration
  • The need to keep devices secure, compliant and up-to-date
  • The need for simplicity, to prevent drowning in complexity
  • The need to be more strategic

And if that wasn’t enough, then along comes those Windows 7 end of life notices to factor in…

Join Acora and Microsoft in a compact webinar as we will lay out the choices for you to consider and review if Windows 10 really is the last operating system you will ever buy.

We will discuss that perhaps rather than undertake a traditional software update, the move from Windows 7 is really an opportunity to look at that transformation project you have been thinking about and the last major desktop upgrade you will ever need to complete.

We will highlight both where the value is now and paint a picture (in the not too distant future) of a secure, managed solution covering the complete IT needs of the modern, work anywhere, employee. One that delights your users, drives productivity and frees up your IT resource to support business transformation.


  • What are the options you face to manage Windows 7 end of life?
  • What in reality are companies doing?
  • Where is the value now? (Productivity, Security, Compliance and TCO)
  • Successfully managing business transformations
  • Where can this take you? What is the vision?

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