We, like you, have been monitoring the COVID-19 virus situation carefully.

As a company, we feel it is prudent to take action now and that we prepare further, should there be an escalation.

Our first priority must be the welfare of our employees and those of our customers and we are taking the following action:

  1. We are following all government health guidelines and are strictly enforcing symptom based self-isolation within our workforce.
  2. In addition, we are asking our employees to limit all but essential travel between our offices and customer locations. We will obviously be making more use of audio and videoconferencing and whilst not perfect we’ve asked our customers for their understanding over the coming weeks.
  3. Acora staff who are based at or working on customer premises will continue to follow our customers policies, however they will be encouraged to raise any health concerns and take sensible measures like using public transport outside peak times to minimise risks. We will be working this week to further clarify a working solution in these situations, customer by customer.
  4. Our next clear priority is maintaining customer service levels through this period. We have industry leading tools to support remote productivity and an established business continuity planning (BCP) process.
  5. There are currently no changes to our service teams, which means that other than fewer face to face meetings with some of our staff, it is not anticipated that there will be any changes or disruption to services.
  6. If the current situation escalates be assured that Acora has the ability within our BCP process to increase remote working and to run all our services in a hybrid or fully remote manner and still deliver a full service to our customers.
  7. We are significantly increasing the number of home workers. Essentially, all those who can work from home with minimal impact on the business and any staff with direct or indirect health issues will no longer be required to work from an Acora site.

We will continue to monitor the situation and plan to share further updates shortly. In the meantime, we wish all our customers and partners good health.

If you have any questions about our BCP process, please feel free to contact us.


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