May 2nd - The Exeter and Acora


Thank you for attending The Exeter and Acora Service Go Live event today.

Always striving for an excellent customer journey is top of the list. With the business continuing to expand it’s great people and capabilities, we are uniting together and setting the bar high. From a new Service Desk with instant portal access, to a fully monitored Security Operations Centre, we are excited to support The Exeter on this next venture.



As we look forward to the future, an improved customer journey is a key measure of success for you and your colleagues. Working together as partners, we are incorporating the below services into The Exeter to support that journey. You can find out the full service scope by hitting the read more buttons below.


    ServiceNow Portal

    At Acora, we’ve spent many years developing the most efficient, best practice service desk support, to ensure end user satisfaction – even in the face of IT issues.

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  • LBE

    Led by Experience

    Our XLA puts the needs of end users first. By monitoring and understanding how people consume, interact and feel about their IT, we can continually optimise service.

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  • SOC

    SOC as a Service

    SOCaaS brings clarity, purpose and unmatched speed to your threat detection. Working as an extension to your IT team, you’ll benefit from dedicated monitoring across your environments, 24/7.

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  • 24X7

    24/7 Support

    Our platform has been refined to deliver expert support from the moment a new ticket is raised. With 24/7/365 coverage available to end users, you can ensure your high-value users will always be supported.

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If you have any questions you want to ask us about Acora or the launch, please feel free to pop them in the form and one of our team will come back to you. If you have any questions relating to IT support, please log them through your ServiceNow Portal.

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Joining Forces

Aligning our Values

As well as service capability, cultural fit is also key to success.

At The Exeter, you matter more. At Acora, we lead by experience. By working together, we can accelerate growth and improvement to achieve an excellent customer journey, an improved service and quick incident response time.