Pettinaroli UK, a renowned global player specialising in HVAC water distribution, stood at a crossroads in their technology journey. Struggling with legacy systems and the limitations of their Sage 1000 platform, they faced several challenges in adapting to the dynamic landscape of their industry. 

Recognising the urgent need for change, Pettinaroli sought a partner to align with their aspiration for a Microsoft Cloud First Strategy. Enter Acora, introduced through a group-level referral. This pivotal collaboration marked the start of a transformation and modernisation journey.


Pettinaroli faced constraints with an aging system, strongly reliant on third-party support and held back by inefficiencies in streamlining critical business processes. The need for change was imminent, a crucial step towards growth and innovation. 


With an understanding of Pettinaroli’s intricate needs, Acora proposed a comprehensive ‘Design, Build, and Run’ approach. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central became the cornerstone of transformation, shifting Pettinaroli’s operational landscape and unlocking new technological possibilities. 

The modern ERP solution enhanced operational efficiencies and fortified financial reporting. Beyond these significant advancements, the partnership encouraged independence, empowering Pettinaroli to continue to innovate within the expansive Microsoft ecosystem. 


“We’d like to say a massive thank you to the Acora team for their outstanding execution of Business Central within the extremely short time frame. Their efficiency, expertise, and dedication to excellence have surpassed our expectations.

Acora not only took on this project knowing the time constraint but were still able to deliver the solution and smooth transition on time by providing the training, support, and final implementation to a consistently high standard, and at the same time demonstrated a level of professionalism and service that set them apart. Their team’s responsiveness and proactive communication made the entire process almost seamless, and we are genuinely pleased with the outstanding service they have provided thus far.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with them going forward and would highly recommend their services to others seeking a top-notch software solution delivered with excellence.

Thanks, Acora, for your impressive work and exceptional service!”

Brian, Richard and the Pettinaroli UK Team.

“I speak on behalf of the Acora team in Pettinaroli UK, it’s been a pleasure to support in their adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. I’m pleased to announce that with our collaborative approach with Pettinaroli, we were able to complete the transformation project, on time and in budget. Now the Design and Build stages are complete, we look forward to supporting the business further with our Support and Run services, with the potential for the business to adopt further Microsoft Business Applications”.

Nathan Whitehead, Sales Account Manager at Acora.


Pleased with the partnership success so far, Pettinaroli sets its sights on building on the new platform. The roadmap includes the exploration of additional Microsoft Applications, a journey towards heightened automation and refined pipeline visibility. The commitment to new technology remains a clear focus across the business, fuelling their drive towards sustained future growth.

The partnership between Pettinaroli and Acora demonstrates the power of collaboration, particularly when navigating through a complex technology market. However, the journey is far from complete. Pettinaroli is eager to harness Microsoft Power Platforms to automate tasks to further optimise and develop internally. 


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