End users drive the real value in your company

We believe Acora is the only UK managed service provider with a proposition and service entirely focused on the user experience.

That’s because we see a critical link between the end user’s perception of IT and business success. When employees are unhindered, productive and enabled, your business growth will accelerate. Great IT can even help you attract the best talent.

By investing in End User Support and end user experiences with Acora, you can rely on our expert teams, customer service ethos, commercially-driven support, and our focus on end user perceptions – which together deliver the right services for our digital age.



The end-user experience is of the utmost importance to help your business meet its goals. By measuring your people’s perception of IT and putting their needs first, we can continually optimise our service and boost your performance, productivity and ROI.

  • Experience supported by technology

    Acora believes in delivering business value and business outcomes, with technology as the enabler. So we use our service platform as the means to help your business meet its goals, improve its agility, and boost the user experience.

  • Uptime: an essential requirement

    100% availability is the minimum requirement for a great user experience, in contrast to costly downtime, user issues and support calls. To achieve service excellence, Acora puts all of its focus on an exceptional end user experience – no matter what type of managed service we deliver.

  • Productivity of users and ROI

    To communicate and collaborate effectively, users need the right devices, applications, skills and services in place. Acora supports you to optimise your investment in people and technology.

  • Understand your users through sentiment analysis

    Acora uses advanced sentiment analysis to help us fully understand how our managed services are perceived by your end users, and where improvements can be made on a continuous, proactive basis.



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Helpful FAQs

IT Managed Service FAQs

A Managed IT Service includes the following:

• A full end to end management of IT operations

• Management can cover everything from the end point device, through the network interface, to the back end systems and applications, out to the cloud and the wider internet.

• Everything is managed under one single supplier, ensuring a seamless journey back to the customer.

• All services are managed and tracked through a number of agreed service metrics.

• The set-up of service level agreements and reporting to ensure required levels of support.

• Access to a higher quality of technical resources due to the larger pool of talent that a Managed Service Provider is able to accommodate

• Key operational benefits such as the mitigation of staff churn, recruitment fees, staff management overheads, staff sickness, holiday, NI & benefits.

• The ability for a Managed Service Provider to scale the level of service up and down easily to satisfy your business needs.

• More control over spend, more transparency in approaching your business objectives, and more time to focus on innovation, coaching and growth.

The ease of migrating to a new Managed Service is dependent on the service transition methodology, and the experience of the Managed Service Provider to take you on the journey through the process.

In simple terms, it can be very easy, or very difficult, depending on the experience of the MSP, the process, and the methodology.

In our case at Acora, we have a great tried and tested methodology from over 20 years of experience. This guarantees a successful migration, as every time we do a transition we enhance and improve our methodology through new lessons learned from an experienced approach.