We’re thrilled to announce that we have secured a 5-year Managed Service contract with a leading Property Consultancy firm. Join us in celebrating this success. We are honoured that our growing capabilities are being recognised across multiple industries.

With 450 employees and over 100 years in the industry, the leading independent property consultancy firm is committed to its legacy, partnerships and people. With a shared outlook on business priorities, they are dedicated to operating as a community of individuals in a skilled and collaborative way.

Our deep understanding of their vision and operational goals has enabled us to build a trusted and close working relationship. Our people, cyber capabilities and experience-led approach provided confidence that we are the right partner moving forward. We truly believe that by delivering end-to-end IT and Cyber Security enterprise-grade capabilities to the mid-market, we can make a difference.

This deal is significant to Acora as it encompasses our born-and-bred Managed Service Offerings. From End User Support to Cyber Security, underpinned by our unique Led by Experience service, we’ve been able to bridge the gaps as an all-in-one provider.

This demonstrates that our growth plan through organic and acquisitional means, including the efforts to strengthen our customer relationships, has been an influential and empowering journey.

After having initially engaged with them a year ago, we are delighted to be selected as the preferred partner. We realised early on that they were suffering from the classic Watermelon Effect which is what happens when service metrics appear to be “green” and on target, yet underneath the surface, it’s all red.

It was really pleasing to be able to present our Led by Experience Managed Service, which is predicated on the Experience Led Agreement (XLA). Coupled with our Infrastructure and Cyber Support Services, we have been able to deliver a full portfolio of User Centric Managed Services that will enable them to focus on driving their business forward whilst we focus on delivering premium, high-quality Managed Services to all their users.

Johnathan Wates, Director of Managed Services

At Acora, we don’t just live in the moment. We think about the future and how our valued customers can continually improve their infrastructure and processes to create an ever-better workplace. We are delighted to have already locked in a 5-year roadmap and strategy project focusing on various IT aspects, particularly supporting their compliance and governance mission.

This is a great example that demonstrates how our team at Acora are delivering an all-encompassing Managed Services solution to support strategic and business objectives. We are excited to work with our customers to grow their strategy in the IT, Cyber Security, Applications and Data space.




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