Uniting IT and Security Operations for Enhanced Agility

This month, Acora took to the stage at Big SASIG 2023, an engaging event that fosters learning and collaboration within the IT and Cyber Security space. Bringing together experts from the user community and partner organisations, this collaborative gathering delved into current risks, strategies, and real-life improvements.

Acora were there to demonstrate our extended cyber capabilities as a result of acquiring Secrutiny last year. We were delighted to share our unique approach of uniting IT and Security Operations to work as one team to detect, remediate and restore services in a single seamless process so that businesses can keep moving forwards without delays.

Acora seized the opportunity to showcase our revolutionary Always Audit Ready™ (AAR) service. Say goodbye to audit headaches and last-minute scrambles, and hello to constant compliance. We’ve got you covered.

Always Audit Ready™ in Action

Simon Crumplin, Acora’s Cyber Security Director, led an electrifying workshop, revealing the secrets to staying ahead of the curve and being perpetually prepared for an audit.

In today’s complex world, the seemingly simple task of delivering IT services to business users has become a monumental challenge. The days of safeguarding valuable assets behind physical firewalls are long gone. Now we face an array of obstacles: remote working setups, zero-day attacks, daily vulnerabilities, cyber insurance—the list is endless.

Simon demonstrated the immense advantages of uniting IT and Security Operations into a single seamless team to grant unrivalled control and business agility throughout. Acora’s groundbreaking Always Audit Ready™ journey conquers these hurdles, providing a panoramic view and streamlined workflow that ensures compliance to any standard. Plus, it removes the anxiety of impending audits by furnishing real-time data that answers all queries. This agility translates into minimised risk, amplified customer trust, and a formidable competitive edge.

Iain Reddy, Acora’s Product Sales Manager, and Charles McGowan, Acora’s Account Executive, were thrilled to represent Acora and engage in meaningful conversations with guests at Big SASIG.

Big SASIG was a great opportunity to showcase Acora’s Uniting IT and Security Operations message with the leading CIOs and CISOs in the industry…it’s always a pleasure to deliver a new message that resonates so well with a knowledgeable audience.

You know you’re on to something good when so many first meetings result in follow up demos and requests for information. Well done again SASIG!

Iain Reddy, Product Sales Manager at Acora

The Power of Collaboration

At Big SASIG, Acora embraced collaboration by engaging with industry peers and users. Together, we explored current risks, strategies, and real-life improvements. Acora’s Always Audit Ready™ service took centre stage, highlighting the benefits of uniting IT and Security Operations teams.

Big SASIG was the perfect platform for us to introduce our new Always Audit Ready™ service to leading Security professionals.

Increasingly, organisations understand the importance of uniting IT Ops with Sec Ops; but we were pleased that many people we spoke with saw the tangible benefit that our new service can deliver. I look forward to the upcoming follow-on conversations to look more closely at how the service works!

Charles McGowan, Account Executive at Acora

Unleashing Agility and Success

A huge thanks to SASIG for organising Big SASIG 2023, which successfully reinforced the significance of collaboration, innovation, and the shared goal of staying ahead in the ever-changing world of IT and security.

We were delighted to be part of this successful event and share our insights on staying ahead of the curve and being always ready for an audit. We hope our workshop left Big SASIG attendees feeling excited and prepared to conquer any cyber challenges that come their way.

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