We are delighted to share that we have been selected as the preferred IT partner to provide Flexible Services for a university that is home to over 20K students and 4K employees.

Whilst the customer remains anonymous, they have been at the forefront of UK higher education for nearly a century and are recognised as innovators, pushing academic boundaries and driving social change. This significant customer referral win is a key representation of our growing presence in supporting companies during demanding cycles. We are honoured to be recognised as a game changer in the field.

Our ability to act fast was one of our key differentiators, alongside our service delivery channels throughout the process. Acoras deep knowledge and understanding of the importance of robust IT operations during demanding cycles did not go unnoticed.

As we run into the traditionally busy period with students onboarding throughout the summer months, it heightens the need for additional IT resources. Managing key projects specific to the industry and being able to turn them around quickly was, without a doubt, a deal breaker.

“Flexible Support continues to demonstrate real value in a market where onboarding new capability ‘flexibly’ has become a bit of a challenge. Where we receive a referral from a client that has tried and tested the service is a huge honour for us and a testament to the success of the offering. It’s always an exciting (albeit busy) time in the world of academia with the onboarding of new graduates and to get the call from someone that knows and trusts the service is how we relish our unique place in the market.”

Benjamin Whitehead, Head of Project & Support Services

This win is an imperative achievement to strengthen our positioning in the Education sector to continue becoming a partner of choice when the needs arise. Over the years, we have witnessed this transform into a long-term outsourced service, building on the existing relationship.

Acora enables their Flexible Support clients to fast-track the hiring process and reduce the management overhead. They retain operational control, and we remove the people management and recruitment burden.

We have been on a journey to build credibility within our Flexible Support capabilities. We can confidently say that we run an efficient, innovative IT operation that scales and flexes quickly. The desired goal is that our clients are prepared for the demanding cycles every year and can concentrate on core business objectives during the busy peaks.




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