Becoming a data-led decision-making organisation

To compete and stand out in a fast-paced economy, organisations need to be able to generate smart insights and make data-driven decisions quickly. An essential business imperative for many. Gartner forecasts that 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly reference information as a vital business asset and analytics as a crucial competency.  

There is a need for a consistent strategy when developing data and analytics capabilities that are high-performing, secure, reliable, and cost-effective. However, organisations are struggling with the challenges of establishing a connected data-led and analytics strategy that delivers business value and, in many cases, need guidance on how to begin a data transformation journey. 

The times of extensive planning and complex business cases to justify significant capital investment and operational expense are gone. Organisations need a method that delivers quick value, while also creating a solid foundation for long-term goals. We appreciate that every organisation has distinct needs, maturity levels, skill sets, and constraints, which are critical in determining the most suitable data and analytics strategy. Every data journey will be different. That’s why Acora is ready to meet you wherever you are on your data maturity journey.

Acora’s Maturity Framework

Our experiences of solving data challenges across multiple sectors has enabled us to develop Acora’s Maturity Framework. This empowers us to help a wide variety of organisations and guide the development of tailored strategies and solutions through the different stages of maturity. Our objective is to offer a customised roadmap for our clients, regardless of their maturity and make sure long-term business objectives are achieved. The framework comprises three phases, symbolising distinct stages of data maturity. 

Our whitepaper ‘Creating a Scalable and Effective Data and Analytics Organisation‘ is designed to help unlock the potential of your data from the ground up, from Stage 1 – Basecamp. It covers the key considerations for developing a data strategy, such as data and analytics models, roles and responsibilities, demand management, and recurring themes. It also provides guidance on how to overcome common challenges and pain points.  

Data and Analytics Models

Covers the most common methods for structuring data and analytics within organisations and outlines the circumstances when each method is most effective. It details the key obstacles and pain points, provides guidance on how to overcome challenges and threats, and identifies the overall benefits each model can bring to becoming a data-led organisation.

Roles and Responsibilities

Outlines the core roles and competency requirements for each model, provides an overview of emerging specialised roles, and discusses why clarity on responsibilities and capabilities is crucial.  

Managing Demands and Requests

Gives guidance on facilitating the development of efficient demand management processes.  

Recurring Themes

Summarises the recurring themes that consistently arise across differing organisations throughout the data transformation journey, giving you a heads-up on the guiding principles that serve as a robust foundation.  

A Microsoft Solutions Partner

Working with trusted partners such as Acora, will enable you to bring your data to life, enhance reporting capabilities and allow your business to make insightful decisions. We have over 25 years’ experience of designing and implementing solutions alongside our valued customer base, we are able to provide a data solution that continuously evolves to meet the modern demands of digitally powered businesses. 

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we provide wrap-around services and solutions for the entire Microsoft Technology stack, including Infrastructure, Data & AI, Modern Work, Business Applications and Security. From developing custom applications to optimising data infrastructure and harnessing the power of AI, our partnership with Microsoft enables us to deliver solutions that drive efficiency, enhance decision-making, and fuel growth.  

Art of the Possible

If you are thinking about embarking on a data journey, we would like to offer you a workshop to explore the progression of your data and analytics strategy 

Why not sign up for a 90-minute The Art of the Possible Workshop to collaborate with our data transformation experts, who are ready and waiting to help you unlock the power of your data? Together we can share experiences and knowledge to understand the landscape and your current situation.  

After the workshop, you will receive a summary report on the essential findings and suggested priority actions that could help you realise your longer-term ambitions. 

We are here to help you kick start your journey in becoming a data-led organisation.

Coming Soon! Look out for the next whitepaper in our series of Data Transformation White Papers Stage 2: Ascent, which talks about stalled data strategies and discusses how open-sourced unified data platforms offer a cost-effective and collaborative approach to managing and analysing vast amounts of information. 

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March 08, 2019 – Contributor: Christy Pettey 

Article: Build your organizations data and analytics competency for digital transformation success.




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