In the dynamic cyber security landscape of 2024, our CISO Darren Humphries brings a wealth of experience to the table, navigating tomorrow’s cyber threats and the ever-evolving challenges in the cyber security space.

Darren’s active engagement in leading-edge cyber security dialogues showcases his awareness of current threats and his ability to provide insights into the rapidly changing threat landscape. His expertise in areas like artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing reflects an understanding of how emerging technologies shape the cyber security landscape.

The industry has a growing need for adaptable leaders who can navigate not only the technical aspects of cyber security but also align security measures with organisational culture. As our CISO, Darren exemplifies such adaptable leadership, emphasising results and process refinement.

CISO thoughts on what 2024 has in store for the industry

In 2024, AI and natural language will be taking centre stage in our forward-looking threat landscape. AI is posing a risk due to two different themes; attackers using AI to train malware to bypass defender security controls and AI helping the attackers with knowledge to refine social engineering and phishing attacks. This in itself is bad. However, with attackers using tools such as ChatGPT, they are adding either another layer of machine-generated anonymity or, worse, purposely making the attack look like a false flag attribution of the attacker, which will cause complexities with cyber insurance.

Defenders are also using AI in the arms race to help with faster access to knowledge about attackers, the types of tools and techniques used and generating suggestions for actions a defender may take. However, the overreliance on AI / Natural language tools could lead to bias or wrongly trained AI models suggesting the wrong actions or providing the wrong or biased information needed to make decisions.

Automation of business process (RPA) is a continued growth area for business to optimise. As with the adoption of innovative technologies they introduce technical depth and cyber requirements such as using, sharing, processing more data, faster.  Automation will need to be carefully risk managed and have the right pace of continuous adoption applied.

Supply chain risk is also high on the cyber agenda. There is an increase in cyber incidents driving more mature regulations and compliance as seen by U.S SEC or the EU DORA regulations. One stat shows a supply chain incident increase +608% for this year. Attackers will continue to attack the weak link. As organisations spend on their own cyber strategy and controls, an immature approach to supply chains, which are outside of people’s control, will lead to an increased reliance on ways to score and collect evidence to show good cyber practices rather than simply rely on trust.

Cyber Trends shaping the future

The intersection of cyber security with emerging technologies is a focal point. Darren’s contributions to discussions highlight his forward-thinking approach. These technologies present both opportunities and challenges, and Darren’s involvement suggests an active awareness of their impact on cyber security strategies.

His collaborative participation in think tanks underlines his commitment to shaping the trajectory of cyber security, contributing to the development of strategies that will be instrumental in meeting the evolving landscape’s demands. Within the intricate cyber security landscape of 2024, Darren Humphries stands out as a leader who not only understands the current challenges but is actively engaged in shaping the future. His expertise, adaptability, and forward-thinking approach position him as a key player in an environment where staying ahead is crucial.




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