Choosing the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) is increasingly critical. In fact, choosing the right partner can be a make-or-break decision for many businesses.

Business strategy and IT should go hand in hand

Most organisations are on a mission to grow. When it comes to business strategy, IT and growth go hand in hand. As businesses seek to expand, they require fit-for-purpose IT capabilities to support their plans. This means finding an MSP that not only meets the necessary compliance and governance standards to scale but also has a strong personalised approach and understands the customers’ needs and desires.

Finding an MSP that ticks all the boxes is challenging

The challenge when selecting the right partner is to ensure they have the necessary capabilities and experience, but finding the perfect IT partner who truly aligns with your values and aspirations can feel like an impossible task.

In some cases, partners are too small and just don’t have the compliance and governance to help accelerate growth. On the other hand, some partners are too big and struggle to build strong personal relationships and understand their customers’ individual needs and desires. In both cases, your IT partner cannot relate to what you are trying to achieve.

It can end up feeling like a constant battle between personalised service and guaranteed governance expertise.

This is what is known as the mid-market dilemma – the gap between long-lasting business relationships and industry-leading accreditations for service quality. The truth is that all too often, what really matters to Tier 1 MSPs is revenue. Unless the customer has many thousands of users or very deep pockets, they will not support them every step of the way, as their attention will be on their enterprise customers. While SME MSPs struggle to support their customers moving into innovative territories, opening new sites, delivering new applications, expanding operational capability, or delivering new ways to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Confidence in your IT partner is everything

A good MSP should make you feel valued and important, not just another number.
It is crucial to ask yourself these three key questions when assessing whether your current MSP is meeting your business needs and aligned with your growth aspirations:

  1. Do you have the right level of engagement with your current MSP?
  2. Does your current MSP have the necessary compliance and governance measures?
  3. Can your current MSP deliver on your future business needs?

Be true to yourself and your business.

Whether you’re an SME outgrowing your incumbent or a growing mid-market organisation not getting the support needed from your Tier 1 incumbent, you can have an MSP that aligns with your business outcomes today, and in the future.




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