If you have been keeping up with tech news online, it’s difficult to miss this month’s big headline piece: Windows 11.

Whilst not unexpected, it is still a big surprise!

When they brought us Windows 10 in Windows 2015, they told us all very specifically “Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10.” We were told that alongside a revolutionary shift in the OS development, away from massive version replacements to the evergreen subscription model, we would wave goodbye to large-scale roll-out projects every 5-6 years. From now on, we only need to worry about staying on top of our 6 or 12-monthly feature rollouts.

Cue:  Earlier this month a copy was leaked of a “Windows 11” branded client operating system, incorporating some of the Windows 10x features. The “End of Support” date for Windows 10 appeared in the Lifecycle pages. And to cap it all off, an upcoming Microsoft event was scheduled – “What’s next for Windows”!

Given all of this, I will be looking for the event to answer some serious questions, covering 3 broad categories: 

  1. What are the licensing implications? 
    • How do we upgrade OEM licensed Windows 10 Pro machines? 
    • Will our Windows 10 subscription license be uplifted, and will it allow me to upgrade Win 10 Pro to Win 11 Enterprise? 
    • On a wider note of course, will there be changes to the editions or will they stay the same?
  2. How is the technical upgrade going to be completed? 
    • Will it be upgradeable? If so, what will the minimum build be? What if I am running LTSB/LTSC? 
    • Will InTune be able to manage the upgrade remotely? 
    • Probably the biggest question of all – what will the impact on my applications be, or will there be none? 
  3. Why would I do this? (Encompassing: what exciting new features or changes do I get?) 
    • Aside, of course, from the support perspective, what are the benefits? 
    • We have seen in the leak that there are changes to the GUI, but are there any major changes under the hood?

Of course, there will be other questions around exams, training, development implications – and very seriously – “what does this mean for the future, will Windows 12 happen?” 

One thing I know for certain is what I will be doing between 4-5 pm on 24/6 – and that is watching the Livestream with bated breath, wondering both on my and on my customers’ behalf, what is in store for us!

Windows Event Livestream: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/event 


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