2022 has been about growth, people and innovation.

Company-wide, we have seen lots of staff members return back to the office which is essential for communication, personal development and collaboration. We are seeing the benefits of face-to-face internal team and client meetings slowly start to return.

Innovation never stops and nor do we.

Growth like no other

Throughout the year of 2022, we have focused on organic growth and growth through acquisitions. Joining forces with Secrutiny and Computer Service Centre (CSC) has enhanced our strong pool of talent, skills and customers.

Secrutiny has really empowered the team by bringing new levels of enterprise, scale and assurance to the table. It enables the brand to unite technology and security together, forming a solid and robust advantage in the IT landscape. Reliable technology and security partners are hard to find, so we truly believe we are making a difference.

Acquiring CSC was a powerful effort to expand regional presence and significantly enhance our services and capabilities for SME customers across the United Kingdom.

Understanding what our customers need and identifying trends is a real key area for us, we identify challenges and we do everything in our power to solve them. Expanding our operations function into Cape Town, South Africa is one example. We listen, we take note and we action.

Here we are now, sitting at 550+ employees worldwide, this is something to be proud of. That is just over a 40% increase in one year.

#1 MSP in the UK

It’s official, we were rated #1 MSP in the UK in the 2022 Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. This annual awards activity identifies industry best-in-class businesses growing via recurring revenue and innovation.

This meant so much to the team. It is proof that our hard work and dedication to become a leading Managed Service Partner is continuing recognition and this is what matters to us. This encourages motivation, ambition and inspiration companywide.

“We are delighted to have experienced year on year improvement, having been awarded top EMEA provider in 2022 and in the top ten globally!” Johnathan Wates, Director of Managed Service, Acora.

A new era for Applications

Customer requirements are always changing and it is our role to adapt. This year, applications within the Acora world has evolved, and it is safe to say, flourishing!

It all comes down to data and how users and businesses handle their data, what they do with it and where it is stored. Data can go unmissed and people often don’t see just how powerful it can be to enhance collaboration, reporting and strategic decision making.

We are making our mark and putting a stop to this. We have launched an Applications Managed Service utilising key partnerships such as, Microsoft to deliver a solution for data requirements.

What’s next for Acora?

The IT & Security landscape never stops moving and we can never predict what is going to happen. We can confidently say that we will continue putting our customers and people first, growing our capabilities to take a step closer towards being the all in one desired partner.

Without a doubt, we are looking forward to another great year.

It has been 12 months of significant progress at Acora in 2022, having joined forces with both Secrutiny and CSC this year. We look forward to completing the integration of both in January 2023.

In addition, we have organically grown our new service operation centre in Cape Town, South Africa whilst driving growth and development in our people and innovation across the company.

Being acknowledge as the number one Managed Service provider in Europe in 2022 and in the top ten globally was another significant milestone, and we could have only achieved this with the trust and support of our loyal customers and dedicated people.

On behalf of all our people, from all our locations, I would like to wish you and your family a happy Christmas and very successful 2023.

David Rabson, Acora CEO


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