Too many corporate awards are questionable in terms of their legitimacy. You sponsor an award, and woo! You’ve won…

We take a disinterested approach to awards of questionable legitimacy. We believe awards should be given purely on merit, so we’re only interested in awards where we can’t sway the result with a sponsorship or payday… You’ll see the energy and pride we put into the Best Companies award, reflecting our company culture and focus on people. Our pride in the MSP-501 award is no different.

It’s worth being a little gushing towards the Channel Futures MSP-501, and not just because we at Acora have been placed 1st in EMEA and 9th globally in this year’s results. But the reality is that it reflects exceptionally positively on our journey.

We’re talking about the industry’s most meaningful and prestigious global ranking of Managed Service Providers. This isn’t a ‘write a paragraph as to why you think you should win’ and turn up to collect a badge or award. This is a comprehensive and investigative deep dive into the previous 12 months of the entire organisation. An almost painful process of chasing down answers from across the Finance, HR, Operational, Sales, and Senior Leadership teams. Answering dozens of probing questions that you can read through here if interested. And then comparing those results against every Managed Service Provider that has thrown their hat in the ring. This year, with a record-breaking number of entrants battling for top spot recognition.

This is the world’s first, largest, and most comprehensive survey and ranking list in the IT channel.

It means a lot to us.

So to be recognised as best in class, by an independent panel of industry experts, comparing us against all our potential competitors, means the world to us. But it doesn’t mean that we’re happy where we are, it just shows us that our direction of travel is currently on target.

From here we want to continue to grow, continue to improve, build on providing our customers and the wider industry the best possible experience with a Managed Service Provider. To be empowered to make better, quicker and easier business decisions, without IT distractions.

“The MSP 501 is the award that every Managed Service Provider looks out for each year! Chanel Futures have built a reputation as being the pinnacle measurement for MSP success based on the depth and detail of the information that they collect to assess each individual MSP and their ability to independently and authentically measure MSP’s across regions and at a global level is unparalleled. The MSP 501 is the gold standard for MSP’s globally and we are of course delighted to have experienced year-on-year improvement having been awarded number 1 MSP in EMEA in 2022 and in the top ten globally!”


The story is strong. From here, we continue the fight. We hope that our recognition resonates with many looking for a best in class Managed Service Provider to partner with in the future.

Some of the key learnings and takeaways that Channel Futures have gathered from their analysis of all MSP’s entries can be found here.

Offering an insight into the growth across the MSP industry and thoughts for the future we will continue to strive for excellence and growth as we aim for global number 1. Read our guide Enhancing the User Experience to really understand why we have been ranked number 1 in EMEA, and the philosophy behind our experience focused direction of travel.


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