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Integrated with Fortinet’s Security Fabric and security architecture, FortiManager provides centralised policy-based provisioning, device configuration, and update management for FortiGate, FortiWiFi, and FortiMail appliances.

Using it’s Automation Driven Network Operations capabilities, FortiManager builds the foundations to secure and optimise network security, such as the provisioning and monitoring of  SD-WANs, including FortiClient end-point security agents, as well as end-to-end network monitoring and device control.



Zero-touch provisioning

Networks are constantly evolving due to threats, organisational growth, or new regulatory requirements. Traditional management products focus on mitigating company-wide threats through firewall policies, firmware updates, and keeping content security current.

FortiManager offers the features to contain threats as well as providing flexibility to evolve along with your ever-changing network.

FortiManager lets you maintain control over your FortiGate and FortiAP topologies through an easy-to-use, centralised, single-pane-of-glass management console. Easily control the deployment of security policies, FortiGuard content security updates, firmware revisions, and individual configurations for thousands of FortiOS-enabled devices.

FortiManager Benefits

  • Reduced management costs and simplified configuration
  • Automated device provisioning and maintenance of policies
  • Available in hardware and virtual form factors
  • Accelerated zero-touch provisioning
  • Best-practice templates for deployment at scale of SD-WAN
  • Helpful maintenance of regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined workflows between the Fortinet Security Fabric and integrations with 500+ ecosystem partners
Inside the FortiManager system

FortiManager Architecture

Using a FortiManager device as part of an organisation’s Fortinet security infrastructure can help minimise both initial deployment costs and ongoing operating expenses. It allows fast device provisioning, detailed revision tracking, and thorough auditing.

FortiManager includes a central database that stores elements for Policy & Objects, AP Manager, VPN Manager, FortiClient Manager, and FortiSwitch Manager, and you can install these elements to devices through Device Manager.


FortiManager features

  • The flexibility to manage just a few or thousands of FortiGate devices
  • Basic FortiAnalyzer logging and reporting for tighter correlation of events and policies
  • Hierarchical objects database to facilitate re-use of common configurations across the organisation
  • Role-based administration to enable distributed management
  • Policy and device auditing to prove compliance and track any deviations from the required security policy


Focusing on consistent user experience, an effective security posture and IT empowerment, explore a number of key FortiManager resources that address key challenges for many IT and Security leaders.

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