A comprehensive solution for secure remote workforce

Secure Access Service Edge

Organisations are increasingly reliant on cloud-based applications to run their businesses and support a ‘work from anywhere’ distributed workforce. This has resulted in an expansion of their network, exposing organisations to more points of compromise and increased opportunities for cyber-attacks.

Fortinet’s cloud-based Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach offers a scalable and centralised way to extend security capabilities to all endpoints, users and devices across the network.

Unified visibility and control


As a secure remote access solution providing consistent protection across every network edge, FortiSASE supports and secures users and devices wherever they are located.

Allowing organisations to centrally visualise and manage all users and devices within their networks, the fully integrated solution extends the power of the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Providing users with a powerful and broad suite of services including Next-Generation Firewalls, Intrusion Protection, Data Loss Prevention and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), this dynamic approach is essential for effectively defending distributed environments. Fast to deploy, FortiSASE enables consistent enforcement across evolving network perimeters and the ability to weave security deep into the network itself.


Key FortiSASE Benefits

  • Enhanced visibility: Who and what is on your network
  • Broader protection: Zero-trust network access and asset protection both on and off the network
  • Flexible and consistent security: Comprehensive range of protection and security services in a consistent manner
  • Optimised performance: Easily and securely connect to the internet, applications, and resources regardless of location
  • Reduced complexity: Simplified architecture by consolidating key networking and security functions into a single solution
  • Reduced cost: A single platform approach that reduces capital and operating costs.

FortiSASE Resources

Focusing on consistent user experience, an effective security posture and IT empowerment, explore a number of key FortiSASE Secure Access Service Edge resources that address key challenges for many IT and Security leaders.


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