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About Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers services for compute, storage, networking, big data, machine learning and IoT, as well as cloud management, security and developer tools. Keeping more people and organisations safe online than anyone else. They’re a leader in building AI to drive better security outcomes and are actively building it into the products and services we use daily to make us safer.  

They help organisations transform their cyber security programs with Mandiant’s frontline intelligence and empower security teams to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats with the speed and scale of Google. Teams can accomplish this on their modern, cloud-native Security Operations Platform, which is secure by design and offers controls to help organisations meet digital sovereignty requirements. 

Transformative Cyber Security

Google Cloud’s Frontline Intelligence and Cloud Innovation 

Cyber security is a top priority for every organisation in today’s digital world. However, the current economics of storing and processing enterprise security data makes it expensive and nearly impossible to defend against cyber threats effectively due to the expanding attack surface and a rapidly adapting threat landscape.  

Security Operations teams struggle with too many security tools, overwhelming complexity, and a flood of information from isolated environments. This leads to significant blind spots and a poor time to detect and respond.  

Google Cloud and Acora create transformative and unique cyber security solutions built on Google speed, scale, and insights by leveraging the experience, value-added technology, and best practices of a trusted managed security services partner.  

Moving forward with security maturity

  • The process requires a combination of people, processes, technology, and data
  • It needs to be scaled to meet the evolving range of security threats and tailored to fit the unique needs of the company
  • Considerations of speed, scale, insights by leveraging the experience and value-added technology are also important to consider
Increasing resilience and supporting innovation

Acora’s Managed Cyber Security Services Powered by Google Cloud 

Together, we enable organisations to advance their security maturity level to increase resilience and support innovation. Our combined solutions address multiple use cases, including designing and setting up a modern Managed SOC, managing some or all SOC operations, and optimising the deployment of google Cloud’s Security Operations Platform by providing the appropriate data to contextualise alerts that align with business objectives.  

No matter the size of your organisation, Acora’s managed services can help take your security transformation to the next level. See how Morgan Sindall secured its data from increasingly sophisticated attacks from cybercriminals by leveraging Acora Managed Cyber Security Services powered by Google Cloud’s Security Operations Platform. You can check out the full case study here.

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