A Modern SOC Architecture with meaningful Security Monitoring


There is an ever-increasing need to be better than our adversaries, which means detecting threats and enacting containment strategies instantaneously to reduce the impact of cyber-attacks. 

Acora’s Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) Service is geared towards doing just that. Monitoring the security of an organisation’s supported environment for cyber threats, conducting triage, investigating and responding to security incidents and providing reports, our Managed SOC Service stablishes a robust and effective cyber security defence mechanism for your organisation.

By continuously monitoring the network traffic, systems, and applications, our Managed SOC aims to promptly identify and respond to potential security threats, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding sensitive data.

A need for 24/7 Security Provisioning

Meaningful Security Monitoring to Reduce Risk

Most organisations will begin the process of exploring a Managed SOC service to solely fulfil a compliance or governance ask from within the business. However, there are also several other reasons why organisations seek a Managed SOC service.

Acora’s Managed SOC service is utilising a best-of-breed service at the lowest price match in the market. We use Enterprise Technology and bring it to the Mid-Market to help with a competitive price point. We made a conscious decision to lead by this approach as we’d noticed that our competitors were using Open-Source Technology or cheaper implementation technologies, which have a low barrier entry to business investment when setting up a Managed SOC service.

​Suppliers like ourselves and other third-party relationships are now speaking with their customers regularly and asking if they have a security monitoring provision. In today’s modern world, organisations need 24/7 provisioning from suppliers to contract and supply the cost of doing business.

The Buying Need for a Managed SOC Service

  • Increased cyber threats: SOC assists in minimising the risk and impact of data breaches
  • Cost consideration: SOC is a cost-effective solution for organisations to stay ahead of potential threats through continuous monitoring and mitigation
  • Incident response capabilities: SOC provides 24/7 comprehensive monitoring to identify and respond to cyber threats promptly
  • Reducing risk: businesses benefit from specialised expertise and centralised security operations, enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture.
Enabling you and your organisation to be more successful

Proactively Supporting CIOs

At Acora, we know that CIOs are spending most of their time trying to fix cyber problems instead of focusing on innovating within their business. We also know that CIOs  spend 80% of their time managing suppliers to ensure they do their job. Wouldn’t it be nice if 20% is spent on supplier management and 80% is spent focused on their CIO role? 

We do not see competitors using the same level of sophistication in terms of leveraging powerful partners and their technology capabilities. We make use of Recorded Future, an enterprise threat intelligence technology solution made available for the mid-market.

We also work with third-parties to able to mark performance such as Picus, who enables us to certify our Managed SOC Service is delivering against board-level concerns.

By choosing a cyber partner like Acora, we enable the CIO to be more successful. As a trusted supplier, we want our customers to put their faith in Acora and our capabilities. ​​

Achieving Success Together Through a Managed SOC Service

  • We want to help our customers sleep better at night
  • We want to allow CIOs to concentrate on business transformation
  • We want to allow organisations to know their Managed SOC is able to perform and do the right things