A Modern SOC Architecture with meaningful Security Monitoring


There is an ever-increasing need to be better than our adversaries, which means detecting threats and enacting containment strategies instantaneously to reduce the impact of cyber-attacks. 

Acora’s Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) Service is geared towards doing just that. Monitoring the security of an organisation’s supported environment for cyber threats, conducting triage, investigating and responding to security incidents and providing reports, our Managed SOC Service stablishes a robust and effective cyber security defence mechanism for your organisation.

By continuously monitoring the network traffic, systems, and applications, our Managed SOC aims to promptly identify and respond to potential security threats, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding sensitive data.

A need for 24/7 Security Provisioning

Increasing threats, reducing risk

Most organisations will begin the process of exploring a Managed SOC service to solely fulfil a compliance or governance ask from within the business. However, there are also several other reasons why organisations seek a Managed SOC service, including: 

Increased cyber threats – SOC assists in minimising the risk and impact of data breaches

Cost consideration – SOC is a cost-effective solution for organisations to stay ahead of potential threats through continuous monitoring and mitigation. 

Incident response capabilities – SOC provides 24/7 comprehensive monitoring to identify and respond to cyber threats promptly. 

Reducing risk – businesses benefit from specialised expertise and centralised security operations, enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture.

Suppliers like ourselves and other third-party relationships are now speaking with their customers regularly and asking if they have a security monitoring provision. In today’s modern world, organisations need 24/7 provisioning from suppliers to contract and supply the cost of doing business.

The power of a Managed SOC Service

  • Improve detection and response levels
  • Reduce overall cyber security risk
  • Ensure defences are configured and working correctly
  • Meet regulatory and compliance obligations
The Need-of-the-hour for Your Business

Let’s get started

Many organisations cannot afford a dedicated security operations centre, but it is essential that everyone have access to this security capability.

Our Managed SOC service at Acora works as an extension to your IT team, taking on the overhead investment of skilled resources, processes and infrastructure maintenance. Or we can complement your existing SOC, continuously monitoring and testing that your controls are working, and identifying where they need tuning.

Our Cyber Activate Service makes it easy to prepare for and then fully deploy SOCaaS. We’ll get your Cloud System of Record and log aggregation in place to give you instant, easy, cost-effective security analytics. Our SOC team will then work with you to agree specific processes and procedures based on your priorities and attitude to risk.