In recent times, the proficiency of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) extends far beyond its technological infrastructure. And aligning cyber security endeavours with strategic business goals can prove challenging. Success stems from the uniting front of strategic foresight, proactive initiatives, and adaptable responses. In an era of threat evolution, a thriving SOC is built upon the foundations of data-driven methodologies and evidence-backed strategies. 

Acora‘s Head of Enterprise Security, Simon Crumplin and Head of Cyber Services, James Fernley, recently sat down with Citreno‘s Founder & CEO, Svetla Yankova, to explore what it really takes to build and manage a modern-day SOC 

Utilising their collective expertise and experience, they highlight the obstacles and optimal methods linked with creating a proficient SOC. They also highlight the significance of data-driven strategies and evidence-based methodologies and the alignment of cyber security endeavours with strategic business goals. This discussion offers valuable perspectives for manoeuvring through the continually shifting realm of cyber security. 

Key Insights: 

  1. Advancing SOC Maturity: Elevating SOC maturity stands as a pivotal necessity in today’s cyber security landscape. The speakers delve into the role that a SOC plays in bolstering business resilience, stressing the significance of context, intimacy, and the shift to evidential risk management. Gain a deeper insight into how SOCs can progress from being solely IT-focused to encompassing risk management that seamlessly integrate with business operations. 
  2. Harmonising Security Strategies with Business Objectives: Leaders can implement practical measures to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business environment, facilitating the alignment of security strategies with organisational shifts and objectives.  
  3. Embracing Challenging Conversations in Security: A notable challenge in security practices is fostering transparent dialogues. Businesses must prioritise addressing vulnerabilities openly. Explore the significance of engaging in difficult discussions about security gaps and risks, rather than evading them due to apprehensions of criticism. Listeners will understand how transparency is pivotal for enhancing security measures and mitigating potential threats. 
  4. Strategic Technology Procurement: The continual acquisition of technology without a clear strategy reflects the industry’s inclination towards chasing new trends without first evaluating their effectiveness. This segment explains how to synchronise technology investments with the specific needs and objectives of the organisation, ensuring sustained operational efficiency and effectiveness over time. 
  5. STAM for Google Chronicle – Powered by Citreno: Utilising Citreno’s and Acora’s expertise, the collaboration enables fixed-cost engineering subscriptions to further strengthen the robust Google Cloud Chronicle Security Operations platform. This allows businesses to enhance their cyber security defences to new heights, ensuring the protection of their critical assets and data. 

As organisations confront the intricate landscape of cyber security, the focus on proactive approaches, alignment with business goals, and fostering transparent communication remains crucial. As we progress further into the digital age, embracing these principles not only safeguards valuable assets but also strengthens business resilience against evolving threats and challenges. 

Where can I listen to the Podcast?

You can check out the full podcast by clicking below! Our accompanying video of the discussion will be available shortly. 




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