Sometimes the only way is to reach for the big red button

If the worst should happen, we’ve got you

Calling it an ‘incident’ doesn’t convey the sheer chaos, concern, damage and distress that a cyber security breach, of any type and scale, can bring. And because every second counts, our Incident Response service is all about getting straight to the root of the problem and finding a solution – fast.

Our approach is based around speed of discovery, enabling us to find indicators and follow the evidence to a successful conclusion. This enables us to focus specifically in areas which appear to be ‘hosts of interest’ so we can understand the intent and impact.

We're right beside you

Always standing ready

We provide Incident Response readiness through our Retainer Service.

Over many years and countless incidents, we’ve developed our three-step ‘Triage’ Incident Response methodology. This focuses specifically on what we call ‘hosts of interest’ so we can quickly understand the attack’s intentions and impact, and respond accordingly.

If you suspect or suffer a cyber security breach, our Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) will immediately investigate and recommend actions to restore business as usual, as quickly as possible.


Acora’s Incident Response 3-Step Triage

  • Understand the intent and impact: If a potential cyber incident is suspected it is critical that rapid forensically-sound techniques are utilised to validate, investigate, and remediate.
  • Efficient evidence-based collection: Understand the incident in context to the risks your organisation may be encountering or has faced in the past.
  • Containment and remediation: Rigorous interrogation to establish the storyline and stop attackers from re-establishing entry