Cyber Attack Early Warning System

At the heart of the Cyber attack early warning system is an advanced decoy and deception system that provides an early warning of cyber security attacks with ZERO false positives.

As cyber attack vectors become more and more complex, organisations must be able to detect suspicious activity earlier in the attack chain and respond to it accordingly. Decoy & Deception technology provides our security team with an early warning to any suspicious network activity.

Based on insights acquired from real-world investigations as well as sophisticated red teaming exercises, our security experts have created advanced hunting techniques built around assault assumptions. This approach allows us to operate quite differently to a traditional monitoring SOC service, where a large part of a security analyst’s effort is dedicated to dealing with a diverse range of sources, including the normalisation and interpolation of large volumes of ingested information, blind spots, alerts, and false positives, and has allowed our team to focus more on the detection of threat actors’ techniques and behaviours.

Spot security breaches, reduce threat impact and enable compliance

ZERO false positive deception technology

Minimising damage by protecting real assets, XZERO lures cyber criminals away from an organisation’s true assets and diverts them to an attractive decoy or trap. Then by analysing how criminals breach the security perimeter and behave once within the network, XZERO monitors and records their movements and actions, providing valuable data that can help strengthen security and prevent similar attacks from happening in the future.

Also reducing alert overload, XZERO deception technology notifies a team when cyber attackers breach the perimeter and are about to interact with our decoy assets, enabling response activity to be prioritised and focused on the attack. It also integrates with existing hardware, including automation tools, and can be used with both legacy systems and newer IoT installations.

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to efficiently create and adjust the environment dynamically making it seem more ‘life-like’ to attackers as the assault on the decoy assets occur. Providing an advanced security strategy, a standalone honeypot will not provide enough of an incentive for today’s sophisticated cyber attackers. A dynamic strategy provides enhanced protection for an enterprise’s true assets while diverting attention to false assets within an environment that can often be indistinguishable from an organisation’s true network environment.


  • Bespoke analyst research into domains, emails, websites and online leaked data.
  • Powerful Data Loss Prevention and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that alerts when an attacker attempts to access sensitive data.
  • Threat intelligence and incident correlation.
  • Specific markers and threat indicators tuned and tailored to each environment.
  • Risk assessment of all alerts – Cybersoc Portal daily, weekly and emergency reporting of security breaches.
  • Behaviour based monitoring of activity System security audit and profiling.
  • Upscaled and layered additional security tools to provide full-spectrum cyber security protection.