Determine your direction

Guiding your security journey

Putting the right cyber security measures in place is a process, not an event. Our Cyber Maturity Programme takes a whole-enterprise view of your current position and enables you to determine a future direction of travel.

How you address cyber risk is always evolving in line with your organisation – and the threats it faces.

The outcome of the programme is an evidenced improvement towards mature cyber controls across the following areas: external cyber threat scanning, human validation testing, breach and attack simulation and more.

You need a plan

Surety of Protection

We use manual and automated techniques to test your Protect, Detect and Respond pillars and identify potential vulnerabilities across your organisation. We’ll focus particularly on those ‘toxic combinations’ attackers can exploit to evade detection and response long enough to stop you containing the attack, and reduce your ability to recover successfully.

The Acora Cyber Maturity Programme provides invaluable insights and guidance wherever you are on your cyber security journey.

Cyber Maturity Programme Risks and Rewards

  • Assess your risk: Produce evidenced improvement in protecting your business and its progress towards mature cyber controls.
  • A balanced response: Recommended improvements to your processes and systems, based on effectiveness of your existing IT controls and your overall attitude to risk.
  • Multi-layered defences: We provide the comprehensive reassurance that senior business management require of their organisation’s cyber maturity.