The right solution

Realise maximum value from the cloud

Move from a CAPEX to an OPEX operating model and deliver more value to your business with Acora’s support. The managed cloud services we implement are carefully designed with an emphasis on improving the experience and productivity of end users.

We have extensive expertise with all major public cloud providers, or you can choose high performance, cost effective private cloud hosting in Tier 4 UK-based data centres. You can rely on us to connect and migrate to your new cloud solution, with ongoing support and management.

Private cloud

Cloud built for you

Acora can build a private cloud specifically for your organisation, which can be hosted at your data centre or a Tier 4 UK-based data centre. As private cloud experts, we can also help you decide if a private cloud is right for you – and ensure it returns maximum value to your business.

We offer

  • Industry leading, secure, reliable and scalable solutions built on enterprise grade platforms
  • Cloud design and management experts
  • Deep migration and transformation expertise for clients across a broad range of industries
Public cloud

Azure: the market-leading public cloud provider

Moving to Microsoft Azure provides access to a range of platform and software services to transform your enterprise IT services. However, for genuine cloud transformation, it is crucial that your solution is well designed and implemented.

Complete support

  • Comprehensive public cloud migration and ongoing management by Acora
  • Reference architectures to simplify and accelerate your journey to Azure
  • Reduced costs through on-demand services, automation and proactive cost management
Hybrid cloud

Build a best-fit cloud solution

Using public cloud and high-performance private cloud often makes sense, since you can orchestrate workloads between the two according to business needs. Acora’s cloud readiness assessment can help you decide how best to balance application workloads across your hybrid cloud.

A complete service

  • We fully manage your hybrid infrastructure
  • Comprehensive monitoring and security services across your hybrid cloud
  • Optimised connectivity between private and public cloud services
Backup and DRAAS

Ensure robust business continuity

A business continuity plan is the critical difference to your business surviving a natural, physical or digital disaster. Thanks to cloud, disaster recovery solutions can now support all of your applications more easily and affordably.

Acora offers

  • A range of backup, replication and recovery services to safeguard your business-critical environment, data, and online presence
  • Exceptionally fast access to your business systems in the event of a failure
  • Managed disaster recovery (Disaster Recovery as a Service)
Desktop as a service (DAAS)

Deliver reliable desktop performance

Acora’s fully managed desktops are optimised for performance to deliver a great user experience, and support modern hybrid and BYOD working. All DAAS platforms benefit from enterprise grade resilience, security and availability for your applications and data.

DaaS benefits

  • Easier financial forecasting with fixed, per-user monthly billing
  • Secure access to workplace desktops and applications, from any device
  • Maintain security over all user desktops with managed updates and endpoint security as standard