Measurable benefits

Make the right move to the right cloud

Moving to the cloud is a commercial, technical and strategic decision, and cloud choice and adoption is not always straightforward.

Acora gives you practical, real-world advice and implementation support for your journey – with a focus on how cloud will benefit the business and ultimately, the end user experience.

With an extensive team of accredited experts, we have the right skills to support your cloud’s design, connection, migration, and optimisation. And since cloud doesn’t run itself, we provide a full spectrum of maintenance services and support for your users.

Architecture & design

Build and manage using our trusted digital platform

Acora architects help you realise both the technical and business benefits of cloud adoption.

Using the Acora Trusted Digital Framework (ATDF), your move to cloud will be carefully designed and measured against a core set of Acora design and governance principles. This means we ensure best practices are met for security, performance, availability and scalability.

All of our designs go through a rigorous review and sign off process. And since we always support the solutions we design, we’re invested in making sure they meet our clients’ needs.

We help you to

  • Build a solid and secure cloud foundation that supports growth and delivers business value
  • Create a solution that is cost optimised, innovation ready and secure by design
  • Implement hybrid architectures which require the most detailed design and planning to ensure optimum performance and integration
Migration planning

Preparing your business for migration

Successful cloud migration depends on a solid plan that covers the end cloud environment, training and, most importantly, the readiness of your workloads and applications. Acora will evaluate and assess your infrastructure, applications and data to determine the best-fit cloud approach based on your businesses needs and required outcomes.

We will fill any skills gaps in internal teams, since cloud transformation often requires DevOps engineers and service delivery managers rather than hardware, software and infrastructure teams.

We will

  • Review your capability and readiness for cloud migration and create the initial technical plans and business justification
  • Plan and verify that your applications will continue to run as expected to support your business – with no migration surprises
  • Identify opportunities and recommend the optimal migration strategy to minimise risk and downtime to the business
Cloud transformation

A clear strategy for transformation

Cloud transformation requires clear objectives and a strategic approach to IT delivery. Often it’s not possible to ‘lift and shift’ legacy applications into a cloud environment – a degree of re-design, upgrading, migration or application modernisation is required.

Acora supports you through this process. For many mid-market organisations this may begin (but not end) with moving IT workloads into the Cloud and adopting a ‘cloud-first’ strategy for all new initiatives.

Our support

  • We deliver transformation projects at the outset, or during the term of an outsourced or managed service
  • Our highly accredited engineers and technical project managers have experience of many complex transformation projects
  • We can manage the whole process of transformation in multiple project phases designed around clear outcomes
Data transformation

Use data in more ways within your business

Since data is at the heart of digital transformation, Acora ensures your data is ready to run on your cloud platform of choice. We also help to improve your use of data in business processes through successful data transformation. This enables you to extract data from a myriad of sources – including cloud-based applications – and analyse it in powerful ways for greater business intelligence.

Data services

  • Integrate and clean data from all of your sources according to business rules and needs
  • Simplify your data architecture and decommission redundant systems to reduce IT costs
  • Prepare your data for analytics, and provide best practice implementation of AI and machine learning to support business growth
Cloud optimisation

Continuous support to reduce costs and boost performance

Migrating applications and data to cloud is not the end of your transformation journey – your cloud infrastructure will require constant tuning, management and proactive support. This includes auto-scaling for performance, on-demand provisioning, headless computing and reserved capacity.

Acora provides all of these optimisation services to help return maximum value from your cloud investment and support your business goals.

We can

  • Right-size your solution and continually monitor consumption to keep within your defined parameters
  • Optimise your licensing and take control of frequent license changes
  • Improve application security and performance in the cloud to deliver great end user experiences

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