Any device can be secured


Acora are one of only a few security service providers that can actually deliver full-spectrum security while supporting any-vendor any-device. Our team of expert cyber consultants and analysts can develop, implement and manage a comprehensive integrated security strategy that secures all devices, including any from multiple vendors.

In our assurance and major incident remediation work we are frequently called upon to integrate security technologies from different vendors. We often encounter new clients that have a huge range of technologies, some good and some not so good, and it is common to see clients with a mix of many different ‘best of breed’ vendors all loosely knitted together with many gaps and overlaps. This is often the result of a patchwork approach to cyber security and the addition of new security devices  over time and as each new need is discovered.

Any device can be secured by our team of cyber security experts and integrated into a security strategy.


Any Device, Any Vendor

From a budgetary perspective, most organisations can’t just rip out and replace, but having your entire security architecture in tune is critical for security. Any gaps in your defences are likely to result in a breach with the potential to be catastrophic to your organisation.

Problems arise when security devices are added without a holistic, full-spectrum security strategy. Solutions are often installed quickly without any real optimisation or integration with other security solutions, and we frequently see many security functions either badly implemented or not turned on. Badly implemented, poorly configured and non-optimised security appliances are dangerous to your organisation.

Recognised as a partner of excellence by leading security vendors because of our proven know-how and expertise in cyber security, we first should make sure that any gaps in your defences are identified and secured. You’ve already heavily invested in security and need to defend your return on investment. Whilst resellers will simply try and sell you another expensive appliance, we’ll marry up your requirements and provide you with a strategy based on your risk appetite.

We’ll evaluate the configuration of all of your security solutions and optimise these to match your organisations’ needs.

Any Device Secured Key Benefits

  • We are technology and vendor agnostic.
  • Our engineers are certified and experienced to be able to integrate, secure, optimise and support any security device by any vendor.
  • Our team can secure any device.
  • We’ll marry up your requirements with your security needs.
  • We optimise your security investment.
  • We’ll evaluate the overall level of integration of your security solutions and work out how to make this work for you.