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    Acora CIO Report 2023

    We are thrilled to share that our latest CIO Report is back by popular demand and is now available to download. The report continues to build on the priorities and shared challenges of CIOs and IT Leaders in the UK…

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  • Keeping up with endpoint threats

    Keeping up with endpoint threats

    Ever-growing cyber threats are a concern for everyone. But for IT leaders, the pressure has been ramped up to a new level. DON’T BE BLINDSIDED Don’t worry, you are not alone. Experience, talent and advanced toolsets are a great combination…

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  • Applications journey

    Forward Thinking with Data Insights

    The Reporting Dilemma Applications are a key business component and they are constantly evolving to enhance your work processes. One area specifically, which isn’t prioritised or spoken about enough is data. Many people don’t recognise how powerful your business data…

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  • Acora CIO report 2022

    The Acora CIO Report 2022

    We are delighted to share our annual CIO report with you. For the third consecutive year, we reached out to CIOs and other IT leaders in organisations across the UK to get a sense of the challenges they’re facing now,…

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  • deploying UE part 3 thumbnail

    Deploying The User Experience

    The immediate benefits, and the long-term impact. In our two previous papers, we’ve set out the background to the experience-level agreement (XLA), the new technology, metrics, people and thinking behind our XLA-based Led By Experience service, and how it revolutionises…

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    Bringing The User Experience To Life

    User experience is becoming central to IT services and support and investment decision-making. The critical difference between SLA and XLA is the approach to and regard for users. SLAs deal strictly in statistics: users are seen in terms of percentages,…

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  • Enhancing The User Experience Cover

    Enhancing The User Experience

    Enhancing the user experience. What it means, and why it matters. The pandemic and the shift to hybrid working have highlighted the importance of the user experience, and the clear link between IT and people’s productivity and wellbeing. But until…

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  • CIO report

    The Acora CIO Report 2021

    We’re delighted to present our second annual CIO report. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural survey, we’ve expanded its scope: more than just a summary of our findings, we’ve given a broader sense of the technical, commercial and…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to improving your IT Service Desk performance

    “We could do so much better”. From our experience, if this is how you perceive your IT Service Desk, then you are not alone. So, the purpose of this guide is simple: to help you unpack that dissatisfaction; to pinpoint…

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