Measuring and enhancing the user experience

SLAs are fine for measuring how well you’ve responded to users’ specific issues. What they won’t tell you about is people’s overall satisfaction with, and experience of the IT they’re using. This can create what we call the Performance Paradox: your SLAs are all good, but users and staff are still frustrated and unhappy, affecting their productivity and wellbeing.

We’ve developed our support processes specifically to improve the user experience, using telemetry that measures your users’ digital experience unobtrusively, in real time. This gives you empirical data about how people really feel about IT services, and what we need to do to change and improve things for them.

Make it great

  • Know what matters to your users, and adopt productivity-enhancing technology where it's needed
  • Build on a solid foundation – a robust service delivery model moves service delivery from reactive to proactive
  • Tailor engagement models around different personas and preferences (like Gen X and Millennials)
  • Go beyond traditional Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) – capture end user sentiment and act on that data


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