We’ll make sure you’re ready for it.

In cyber, anything can happen.

Cyber security risks and threats are always evolving, and the people behind them are increasingly clever, calculating and determined. You need to be sure your cybersecurity posture is up to the challenge – and that you’re not unwittingly making things easier for them.

Through our Cyber Risk Analyser service, which covers Endpoint & M365, we’ll interrogate and assess your current cybersecurity structure’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify any risks attached to your existing configurations, processes and behaviours.

We’ll then come up with practical steps to improve your security hygiene, reduce and remove risk factors, and make your IT operation more secure.

Understand the risks

Securing the future

As well as highlighting and dealing with urgent and immediate cyber security hygiene issues, we’ll also help you produce operational guidance to support long-term posture change and risk reduction.

Understanding your operation helps us to understand the risks your organisation may face now, and in the future.

At Acora, we put in place the practical measures for making your operation more secure.


  • Clarify the situation: Understanding the operating structures of your organisation and mapping them against evidenced business and operational risks.
  • Automated CRA monitoring: Identify risks associated with your configurations, processes and behaviour that represent risk and abuse.
  • Driving long term security: We provide operational guidance to drive change and improve security posture which reduces future risk.

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