On what date did Acora acquire Infosec Partners?

Acora Limited acquired Infosec Partners Ltd on May 3rd 2023.

Why did the businesses come together?

Through Infosec Partners, Acora plans to further grow and develop its cyber proposition, leaning on the extensive cyber security managed service capability Infosec Partners has built over the years. By integrating into the Acora group, Infosec Partners benefits from accelerated growth, group strength and Acora’s existing enterprise and mid-market client base, all demanding a trusted and recognised partner for cyber maturity.

I have contracted services with Infosec Partners, will they change?

From the 1st of November 2023, the products and services you receive will be delivered by Acora Ltd, incorporating Infosec Partners operations, its people and ethos.

How can I contact the Infosec Partners team with support queries?

Contacting Infosec Partners support is currently unchanged and you should be able to regularly contact your dedicated Account Director. You can also head to our contact us page and select the cyber security enquiries option from the drop down too.

How can I find out about Acora services?

Acora provides a comprehensive range of IT services tailored for the mid-market. Please visit for full details, or email us at

How can I find out more about the acquisition?

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