Acora is delighted to announce its acquisition of Infosec Partners Ltd, one of the leading cyber security players in the UK.

With the acquisition of Secrutiny Ltd in early 2022, Acora established extended capabilities and scale in its cyber security offering. Through Infosec Partners, Acora plans to further grow and develop its cyber proposition, leaning on the extensive cyber security managed service capability Infosec Partners has built over the years. By integrating into the Acora group, Infosec Partners benefits from accelerated growth, group strength and Acora’s existing enterprise and mid-market client base, all demanding a trusted and recognised partner for cyber maturity.

Mark Oakton, Managing Director and Founder of Infosec Partners, who stays on to help grow and refine the cyber security managed service proposition as a member of Acora’s leadership team, commented:

This is a strategic move that will bring enhanced service offerings and improved operational efficiency for our customers, whilst providing our staff with expanded career opportunities, skill development, and an enriched working environment.

Infosec Partners is a leading cyber security firm that provides cyber threat intelligence, security consulting services, and cyber security managed services to over 50 mid-market and enterprise customers within the UK and internationally. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and employing a team of highly skilled security experts, Infosec Partners provides clients with the tools and expertise needed to safeguard their critical assets, intellectual property, and sensitive data. Infosec Partners has earned a trusted reputation for helping organisations stay ahead of emerging cyber threats and ensuring the utmost protection for their digital ecosystems.

Amidst a highly competitive market, Mark and his team at Infosec Partners have established a top-notch cyber security operation, displaying impressive organic growth along with an exceptional customer experience.

I realised from our first encounter that this would be an excellent addition to Acora. The acquisition aligns with our strategy of pinpointing top-tier, off-market opportunities that will further enrich Acora’s clients and personnel.

We foresee an outstanding opportunity to not only expand our cyber services through this acquisition, but also to introduce Acora’s wider portfolio to Infosec Partners clients at the appropriate time.

David Rabson, Acora CEO

Acora continues to break new ground with its Always Audit Ready™ service, which advances beyond traditional point-in-time security auditing, aiming to provide customers with real-time visibility of compliance against their subscribed security frameworks, coupled with our digital experience XLA.




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