What a year 2023 has been. Everything we have prioritised and accomplished this year has been focused on our customers and our people. In challenging times, it’s this focus that is ensuring we are making significant progress together.   

From achieving the best companies’ ‘One to Watch’ status for the third year running, to developing our IT and Cyber Security portfolio through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, we have had a great year of success and growth.  


A huge amount of effort has gone into streamlining and strengthening our capabilities to support our customers’ ever-growing needs.   

A significant milestone to mention for this year is our acquisition of Infosec Partners in May. Building on their established business enabled us to extend and scale our cyber security capabilities. Recognised as the most accredited Fortinet partner globally, acquiring Infosec Partners has further refined our Cyber Security Managed Service proposition.  

Throughout the year we have also developed our data and application services capabilities. In particular, working with valued customers to accelerate their data journey has proven how businesses, building on the right foundations, can unlock the power of their data. From many insightful conversations with customers at roundtables and in-person events we know that this is an area where we can add tremendous value in 2024.  


In Acora style, we launched our fourth CIO Report edition this year at our summer flagship event at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel. 

This research report is a fundamental way of capturing key IT and Cyber Security trends. We live and breathe experience, and the evidence in our CIO Report plays a huge part in enabling us to act on the common challenges for mid-sized businesses around user experience. 

The answers are in the data. Awareness of experience measurement is only getting stronger, and we are now very much part of an experience-led economy. 2023 has opened our eyes to how conversations have advanced. People have moved on from a basic understanding of experience measurement; instead, their focus is on starting their improvement journey. This is a remarkable evolution in 12 months. 


2023 has been a year exploring new opportunities with customer and partners as well as inside Acora. 

Collaborating with market-leading partners such as Fortinet, Microsoft, Google Cloud, SentinelOne and Recorded Future has enabled us to create more value and quicker for our customers. 

This year we have introduced ‘follow the sun’ IT and Security Operations across three time zones: EMEA, North America and Asia Pacific. Without doubt, this has been a significant expansion for our customers and us this year, to provide enhanced around the clock service and support.   

We recognise that as our customers’, and their customers’ demands grow, their technology must continually advance and their approach rapidly mature. Throughout the year, we have hosted multiple interactive and thought-provoking events, allowing our customers to explore new ideas and gain valuable advice. In 2024 we are keen to develop this further with more chances to learn and progress. 

We look forward to another great year of building close customer relationships and exploring new opportunities together in 2024.  




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