Last week Acora launched our first X event, Innovation in IT and Cyber, and boy it was a hit!

We took our guests on a voyage of discovery and innovation aboard the Sunborn Yacht Hotel London with an exceptional line-up of industry experts to explore breakthrough ideas, innovative solutions, and game-changing technologies in the IT and Cyber space.


Director of Managed Services Jonathan Wates highlighted the importance of seamless interactions, user-centric design and capturing sentiment when measuring user experience in a post-pandemic, hybrid-working world.

While our CISO Darren Humphries and Mark Oakton, Director of Security at Infosec Partners (Acora’s latest acquisition), walked through the three decades of cyber security and the need for uniting cyber security strategy and IT operations to realise next-level proactive approaches and robust defence mechanisms. Plus, we invited Fortinet to share their tips for safeguarding data across platforms and devices in a session on Cyber Security Everywhere You Need It.

Acora’s Chief Architect, David Murphy, emphasised aligning technology solutions with business objectives. While Peter Gee, Acora’s Director of Apps and Data, shared the transformative potential of data visibility and reporting for informed decision-making through analytics and insights.

Lastly, a What’s Next in IT and Cyber session chaired by Head of Special Projects Simon Crumplin provided a tantalising glimpse into some emerging technologies challenging the status quo, including Wiz, Rubrik, Tanium and Silverfort.

Altogether, the event delved into emerging priorities and trends shaping critical aspects of IT and cyber, arming attendees with invaluable insights to navigate the ever-evolving landscape effectively.

Here’s what some of our guests had to say:

Thought-provoking event; there is definitely opportunity for further engagement with Acora. Thank you.

My specific highlight was Simon’s presentation on being Always Audit Ready – Always entertaining.

I gained validation of my own concerns, plus new areas to investigate.

But it wasn’t all work and no play…

After enjoying ice creams and well-deserved beers on the sun deck, we were treated to an exhilarating fireside chat with adventurer and Guinness World Record Holder Mark Beaumont. With inspiring tales of his record-breaking achievements, Mark shared invaluable insights on team empowerment and collaborative goal setting.

We were captivated by his amusing anecdote of enjoying breakfast on the go, coffee in hand, to maintain his pace. It was a delightful and light-hearted conclusion to the day.


Going hand in hand with innovation in IT and Cyber, we decided to put CIO Report 2023 in the spotlight with an exclusive premiere at X.

Acora’s CIO, Lee Ganly, took the stage to delve into the Changing Role of the CIO amidst the impact of Hybrid Working. With insightful analysis, Lee explored how the CIO’s remit has evolved and where IT leaders are now investing their time.

The speech gave attendees exclusive early access to the survey results. It underscored the CIO’s crucial role in navigating the ever-changing IT landscape, embracing emerging trends, and safeguarding companies against cyber threats while driving transformative IT strategies. The session equipped attendees with a clear understanding of the expanded responsibilities and strategic areas demanding the attention of modern CIOs.

Keep an eye on our social channels, as the full report will be publicly available to download soon! In the meantime, you can check out some of the headlines and insights our 2023 survey has provided here.


We intend to build on our Led by Experience approach and together, create a high-value leaders network. Discussing best practices and research, collaborating with experts and connecting with peers who share your professional interest is what the X Community is all about.

Coming together last week at X Innovation in IT and Cyber was a great opportunity to understand mutual challenges and ambitions that will help shape the future of the X community.

The X launch event proved that bringing IT and cyber security leaders together in person for the day to share challenges, ideas and aspirations is highly valuable for all involved. We are dedicated to building the momentum in the network, with a full programme of activity for the year, driven by the priorities of the community members themselves.

Bruce Simpson, Acora Group Marketing Director

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