If you are considering migrating to Office 365 it is likely that you have stumbled upon a ton of information, both positive and negative. Many people have latched onto the idea that Office 365 can only be used when connected to the internet, or that it provides a ‘lite’ version of the traditional Microsoft Office suite.

With few being able to separate fact from fiction, due to a lack of conclusive and concise information, we have pulled together seven statements commonly made about Office 365 and the real truth behind them.

Office 365 is just your basic Microsoft suite of tools but in the cloud

The fact that Office 365 calls the cloud its home is what makes it an incredible package. All of the tools in Office 365 are kept up to date and are simple and easy to use and manage, giving users complete control. Living in the cloud also makes Office 365 extremely agile; it can be used across all your devices at any time, whether you are connected to the internet or not. You can also install all Office applications onto every device.

It is safer to keep business data on-premises as opposed to storing it in the cloud

Hacking is now a lucrative business and cyber theft is a huge problem. Many companies with on-premises data storage systems are hacked and are not even aware. Whilst data in the cloud is still prone to data breaches, what makes Office 365 standout is that security and uptime are a huge focus. Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection is an Office 365 option to protect your business against external threats and analyses every email attachment and link for sinister activity.

If I don’t have an internet connection I cannot access Office 365 applications

Along with the administrative tools we rely on day-to-day, at work and at home, Office 365 is host to a number of applications for business . They can be used online and offline seamlessly; files and data will simply sync the next time you are connected to the internet.

Skype and Skype for Business are the same thing

In 2011 Microsoft acquired Skype and it is now a core Office 365 application. For a long time many users simply used Skype for instant messaging or video chatting with friends and family, leading many to believe that Skype for Business would be much the same. However, Skype for Business has elevated communications features and is fully integrated into Office 365. Users can juggle a multitude of tasks, such as holding a video conference whilst sharing a screen with another user and working on a document or virtual whiteboard. Depending on the subscription level chosen, online meetings can hold up to 250 people.

Office 365 lacks backward compatibility

Most businesses are sceptical about changing to a new system as they fear compatibility issues, which could result in downtime and reduced productivity. Companies need an undisrupted and seamless transition, which is an area where Office 365 shines. All Office desktop applications are backwards compatible with all the versions that preceded them, as well as with versions from other programmes.

You can lose control over business technology if you move data to the cloud

Whilst you will have complete control over your technology if you move to Office 365, your IT department may breathe a sigh of relief. With Office 365 all updates are carried out automatically, which means less time spent manually upgrading software and maintaining hardware.

Data privacy is questionable for some industries with Office 365

Companies in the law, finance or healthcare fields often have strict compliance procedures and regulations and many question whether the cloud would meet these legal obligations. Fortunately, Office 365 has the Security & Compliance Centre to address concerns. 365 has a full range of security controls and compliance aids, to safeguard business data, according to the laws of the country your business operates in.

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