It’s often said that outsourcing IT services can help transform a business but how?

Acora’s CIO, Lee Ganly, outlines his opinions on outsourced IT below.

1. Focus on core business

Outsourcing IT when done well and strategically, allows you to focus on core business activities, rather than expending effort and resources in trying to build a world-class IT operation internally. By ring-fencing resources to re-balance the drive to transform the business, with business as usual (BAU) IT, you are much more likely to deliver key strategic projects.

2. Deliver new services more quickly

Outsourcing enables the delivery of IT services and transformation quicker, releasing internal IT talent to focus on adding value and key strategic projects, not just maintaining systems uptime and supporting end-users.

3. Access mature services

Creating and embedding IT Operations processes and tools is time consuming and resource hungry. Outsourcing allows you to access mature well defined services that have been refined over many years, ideally aligning with industry standards. A comprehensive set of contemporary tools often supports these to automate the IT operation.

4. Realign accountability

You are making your outsourcer accountable, rather than internal staff, meaning you can drive them harder without introducing unnecessary risk.

5. Tap in to additional expertise

Access technical and managerial talent from your outsourcing partner when needed, rather than recruiting internally, which is time consuming and costly. It can be difficult to keep talented staff satisfied, working for an outsourcer can provide genuine career development, supporting a range of customers.

6. Keep up to date with technology trends

Benefit from your outsourcing partner’s IT sector experiences, leveraging their deep understanding of technology trends and knowledge of the ways other portfolio companies are successfully benefitting from this innovation.

7. Scale more easily

Outsourcing manages peaks in service real-time, especially notable when bringing on new services or rapid growth. The ability for the outsourcer to scale teams on demand to maintain service levels, provides a predictable high quality experience, regardless of the speed of change.

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