Creative Flair Childcare, a nursery based in Coventry, reached out on social media to see if anyone could donate a computer. Owner and Director at Creative Flair Childcare, Jennifer Faulkner, wrote that their only computer failed to work after many years of sticky hands and lots of love from the children’s regular use.

An Acoran spotted this and reached out to our IT team because they have seen the work Creative Flair Childcare have done throughout the pandemic for key workers and the community. We knew we had to try and help.

The response was amazing! David McConnell, Head of IT at Acora, was able to organise a donation of 2 computers, screens, mouses, keyboards as well as offering remote set-up support.

“Thank you so much for sourcing this equipment for us! We are so excited. We are all really looking forward to getting it organised and set up! Thanks.”

Jennifer Faulkner, Owner and Director at Creative Flair Childcare

In times like these, it is important to be kind no matter how big or small a gesture may be. Acora have been able to provide the children at Creative Flair Childcare with the chance to continue to learn about computers and technology in the nursery environment they know and love.

“I am proud of my colleagues and really glad our team could help the nursery and that we could pay them back in kindness for all the hard work they have done for the community.”

Rio Russell, Head of Technical Operations at Acora

Acora is also so proud to have such kind and honourable employees. Specifically to David and the entire IT Team, thank you for demonstrating our values at first class.



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