Acora has added Zscaler to its service portfolio, as part of its efforts to stay aligned to the best technology products on the market.

Built 100% in the cloud, the Zscaler global cloud delivers the entire gateway security stack as a service. By securely connecting users to their applications, regardless of device, location, or network.

Zscaler will become an important element to Acora’s service offering, bolstering its Trusted Digital Platform ethos. Which involves providing customers with a flexible, secure and future-proof IT environment on which to build their business.

“Zscaler provides cloud-based security and access solutions, which replaces data centre hosted appliances, it’s key for customers migrating to a digital platform. Industry analyst, Gartner, regard them as leaders in the space and our internal technologists have been very impressed. We’re delighted they will be part of Acora’s portfolio of cloud native security & network products going forward.”

Lee Ganly, CIO at Acora


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