It’s December, the party season is ramping up, and thoughts turn to the inevitable office Secret Santa tradition, or mid-range bottles of wine for employees. But this year, why not buy your sales team something meaningful, something that will transform their (working) lives?

The best presents meet a genuine need

Dynamics NAV is already crucial to your processes, helping to keep core operations ticking over. But some operations remain separate – like sales. It is not unusual for the sales and marketing department to operate their own CRM system in isolation, or very poorly integrated with other corporate applications. Which goes against all the principles of the data-driven enterprise. Data stored in isolation creates potentially enormous problems – issues of duplication, inaccuracy and the knock-on costs of correcting mistakes caused by crappy data for instance. Your sales team hates making mistakes as much as the rest of the business hates fixing them – so why not choose a Christmas gift that benefits everyone?

Dynamics 365 for Sales – the gift that keeps on giving

Dynamics 365 for Sales brings CRM functionality to your existing NAV installation. Native integration immediately reduces the number of customer records held by your business to create a single, authoritative version of the truth.

Making sales teams more effective

The benefits of your yuletide benevolence can be realised immediately. Finally, the sales team will have insight into the workings of the rest of the business, including lead times, stock shortages and potential supply chain issues. Which means that they can begin tailoring their campaigns and pitches for maximum effect – and reduce unhelpful pressures on the rest of the business.

A time-saving gift for the rest of the business

When a lead is converted, a new customer record is created – and is instantly available to the whole business. Which means that the sales team are already reducing administrative overheads on the order processing/accounts team. Dynamics for Sales has the added benefit of linking through to the central Dynamics NAV pricelist. The sales team can find their own pricing in future, further reducing the admin of your production and fulfilment teams – and dramatically reducing the risk of incorrect quotes being generated for customers.

A present for you too

For management, the benefits are even clearer. With Dynamics 365 for Sales, your business gains a full lead-to-cash process with complete oversight of the customer journey. Creating strategic growth plans becomes easier than ever. In many respects, buying Dynamics 365 for Sales is actually a gift for yourself…

Unwrap and you’re good to go

Great presents require no batteries or additional assembly. Dynamics 365 for Sales is very quick, and very easy to deploy. Which means that your sales team can get started right away – before they disappear on their Christmas holidays.

Ready to learn more about the gist of Dynamics for Sales and how it will benefit your entire business? Give us a call.


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