We’re delighted to announce that Colosseum Dental, one of the UK’s major providers of dentistry with over 70+ local clinics, has chosen Acora to implement its new Microsoft Dynamics solution. Acora were asked to support Colosseum Dental’s existing solution and its users back in 2016.

“The support that we’ve had from Acora has been good. Having previously worked with a variety of partners I know what good/bad looks like, and they’ve been doing a good job.”

Jaime Turner, Financial Controller at Colosseum Dental

However, the original Dynamics solution that Colosseum Dental was using was heavily bespoke, which made upgrading, to take advantage of the latest capabilities, very difficult. The team decided it was time to explore their options, knowing that an updated version of their application could help them streamline and automate business processes even further. For example, the company were manually processing over 3,000 invoices per month, something which an updated modern Dynamics solution could manage for them. Eager to take advantage of these capabilities, Colosseum Dental called Acora to talk about their options around upgrading or implementing a refreshed solution.

“The Acora team took the time to understand what we needed from our software, not just today but also in the future. We discussed opportunities as well as options, including moving to the Cloud. The team were very honest that an upgrade would be far more expensive then a new implementation, and that with the right training it would work better for us in the long-run. I appreciate the consultative and honest approach Acora took, I feel that they truly wanted the best outcome for our business.”

Jaime Turner, Financial Controller at Colosseum Dental

“Software that’s been heavily developed and edited can cause a real headache when it comes to upgrading. When given the right training and support, our clients often find that modern software like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central can deliver what they need out of the box. We’re happy to develop the application going forward, but we recommend understanding everything that the software can do beforehand. I’m delighted that we get to support Colosseum Dental on this project, and I’m certain, that working together, we can get the best out of the system for them.”

Stuart Allen, Applications Enterprise Architect at Acora

About Colosseum Dental

They are one of the UK’s major providers of dentistry with over 70 local clinics and they’ve welcomed more than 750,000 NHS and private patients. They are predominantly situated across the southern counties, including London. Colosseum Dental is Europe’s most rapidly growing dental company. With a mission to provide modern, quality dentistry services for the benefit of patients, dentists, employees and shareholders, striving for continuous growth and excellence. Find out more at www.colosseumdental.co.uk


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