Supply chain experts have suggested that masterful changes to your inventory management can make all the difference between the profit or loss of a distribution operation. But it’s hard to truly optimise your investment through manual processes and educated guesses. That’s why some distribution companies are investing in ERP solutions, and its helping them become more competitive. With an ERP solution they’re able to eliminate excess inventory and fine-tune the balance between idle assets and stock-outs, which can dramatically impact turn rates, fill rates and carrying costs. It’s also enabling them to use cross-docking and other related shipping techniques, reducing handling costs as well as time. They’re also using ERP to better manage supply chains over greater distances, introduced by manufacturers moving offshore. And are developing and managing more innovative service agreements and value-added services, all to capture more customers. Ultimately, ERP is enabling them to:

  1. maximise the value of their inventory
  2. gain in-depth product insight
  3. optimise their warehouses
  4. streamline order fulfillment and invoicing
  5. empower their employees and partners
  6. gain insight for growth

A comprehensive solution can not only integrate internal processes and fragmented functionality and data, but interface smoothly with warehouse technologies, locations and business partners. And distribution solutions built on ERP software, can give you the freedom to effectively manage your inventory and focus on your business.


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