Digital transformation is a top priority on most corporate agendas. However, delivering it is being threatened by a significant skills gap.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) the technology industry saw the biggest increase in job adverts throughout 2018, a 10% increase on the 2017 figures. also reports that 77% of CIOs are finding it difficult to recruit the talent they need to drive digital transformation. An increase on previous figures for the fourth year in a row…

The latest technology can bring real competitive advantages to companies, but the sheer scale of its capability means that companies can no longer function using the skeleton IT team it once did. Companies want and need more developers, cyber security experts and data scientists. Which means a bigger IT department, and as a result (according to, 84% of CIOs have pushed recruitment up their management agenda in 2019. 

Working with an IT support partner like Acora can help.

Without boasting, we have a team of IT experts ready and willing to help organisations transform.  
We’re the ‘extra pair of hands’ that our clients call on anytime they need us, helping them transform in half the time it would take them alone. 

The breadth and depth of our IT expertise diminishes the need for lengthy recruitment campaigns too, and removes the requirement for a large and unscalable internal IT team.  


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