MNH Sustainable Cabin Services (MNH) provides leading airlines such as Qantas, Emirates and Virgin Atlantic with essential services from headset provision to laundry servicing. More recently, following Covid-19, this has expanded to include anti-bacteria swabbing and testing services for onboard products.

For a number of years, Acora has been MNH’s go-to partner for support, advice and implementation of appropriate technologies. Acora’s close working relationship meant we understood MNH’s needs to not only remain competitive in their market sector but also improve on their current systems. The solution was a smooth transition from its on premise legacy Navision ERP system to the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

“The drive to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was to enable safe and secure remote-working for colleagues at all of our locations. This cloud application transforms the way MNH operates because it ensures business stability, provides easy access to real-time data and reduces the risk of fraud which is critical to the operation of MNH.”

Sally Lewis, Assistant Accountant at MNH

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Acora successfully upgraded MNH’s ERP application allowing MNH to strengthen its IT security, reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and become globally connected across its worldwide locations.

The relationship between Acora and MNH is built on trust and shared values. Acora is their choice of IT application support provider. 

“MNH’s experience with Acora is always consistent and positive. The team has a great practical deployment and configuration experience across a number of different types of organisations – they’ve seen it all. We trust them because of this.”

Malcom Thomson, Finance Director at MNH


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