SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. It is a secure place for you to store, organise, share, and access information from almost any device. It allows for seamless collaboration, document storage and retrieval, intelligence and insights underpinned by enterprise-grade security and compliance.

One aim of SharePoint is to make it possible for a company with a number of employees spread all over the region to work with the same level of agility and coordination as a company with three people working out of a single office. However, some companies are not making the most of SharePoint. The globally used system has built a reputation for being a secure and powerful businesses application but very few utilise its endless capabilities.

With no two businesses being the same, wouldn’t it make sense for companies to have a fully bespoke SharePoint system to maximise productivity?

Development tool

Being a development tool, it is incredibly easy to create and add enhancements for SharePoint to suit your business. There are countless opportunities to personalise the platform to suit your organisation and the way in which your staff operate. Many businesses start out using SharePoint’s standard functionality and customise the platform as the business develops. Customising SharePoint in this natural way allows for seamless progression.

Streamline and save time

Long gone are the days of endless reams of paper and manually completing tiresome tasks. SharePoint can automate manual processes and create electronic forms, saving your business time and money. You can use workflow capabilities to receive signatures, track how projects are developing and to receive approval. Timescales and reminders can be set up for staff to ensure they don’t get behind and are fully aware of ongoing work and projects.

Work seamlessly with software

You may be worried that utilising SharePoint fully will interfere with any business software that your company relies on, but this isn’t the case. No matter how complex your software set-up is, bespoke applications can be created so that SharePoint merges faultlessly with all commercial software. This means there isn’t downtime or technical glitches due to conflicting software.

Business data

Being able to collect data is all well and good but it is virtually useless if there is no way of analysing it. SharePoint’s analytical tools and insights can help businesses pin point specific issues that are affecting the productivity of a department and help create bespoke solutions.

Personalised experience

Not everyone within a business needs to see certain files and documents. Not only are some confidential but having access to too much unnecessary information can be overwhelming and slow staff members down. With SharePoint access there can be changes at every level, from department to an individual. This ensures staff only have access to what they need.

Benefits of SharePoint

  • Easy to train new employees due to intuitive and recognisable software
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Agile and flexible
  • High performing
  • Safe data due to Microsoft’s secure data centres
  • Simplify everyday business activities
  • Connect employees easily
  • Single, integrated platform


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