Managing operations through various spreadsheets or accounting software is no longer an option. To stay competitive in today’s market you need more than a basic knowledge of what’s happening inside your organisation. You need global reach and detailed understanding of internal processes, and that means better technology.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software enables organisations to manage every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the procurement of raw materials through to sales and distribution. Using well designed ERP solutions provides manufacturing firms with complete control over the majority of processes, stock and suppliers, creating efficiencies and agility in the face of competition.

There are three main ways in which ERP changes the competitive landscape for manufacturers:

  1. Technical confidence – providing the opportunity to strive for excellence in all areas of manufacturing, from planning, costing and procurement to manufacturing and distribution.
  2. Global reach – manufacturers can navigate international relationships without concern for the multinational or multicurrency nature of transactions, because the right ERP system will be designed to manage global relationships, including accounting issues, logistics, and regulatory issues.
  3. Lean and agile manufacturing – manufacturers that want to remain competitive need to be able to respond quickly to market shifts and customer demands. Lean and agile manufacturing is no longer wishful thinking: it’s a critical requirement.


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