The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair, with support from the CEBR, have been exploring the mystery that is Santa Claus. In their attempts to unravel some truths, they calculated that during the 36 hours available to Santa, he will:

  • Deliver gifts to 1.6 billion children.
  • Visit over 5,000 homes a second.
  • Eat 150 billion calories in milk and mince pies.
  • Make 640 million stops.

And as the Science Museum pointed out, Santa needs a warehouse the same size as 240,000 double-decker buses! So, with all these curious children clearly searching for answers, the technical Elves at Acora thought it would be useful to prepare 10 answers to the questions you may get from them (and some adults) as to how he does it all in his 36-hour odyssey:

  1. His sleigh is bigger on the inside than the outside – like Doctor Who
  2. He has technology we haven’t yet invented – like Wakanda…
  3. It’s all down to Einstein’s theory of relativity – his clock moves more slowly than ours
  4. He has a warp drive/uses wormholes/has a teleportation device
  5. His sleigh is very, very fast – that’s why Rudolph’s nose is so red
  6. He can’t be seen, as he has an invisibility cloak
  7. He has a fleet of invisible drones that fly ahead of him dropping off gifts in advance
  8. In the back of his sleigh he has some magical 3D printers
  9. He uses an improbability drive, so he is simultaneously everywhere in the universe at the same time (Quantum physics kids!)
  10. It’s magic, obviously! (little light on detail, but may work)


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