Research recently conducted by YouGov revealed that just 6% of employees in the UK work the traditional 9am to 5pm. With flexible working hours and remote working having a significant benefit on staff, more and more businesses are offering different working solutions to staff.

Flexible working not just from home

Businesses and organisations throughout the UK are offering employees the opportunity to tailor their work hours to suit them, or allowing more time working from home. However, flexibility isn’t just about working from home. Today, employees are working across an array of different devices in different locations. Whether night or day, home or on the road, this new generation needs to be able to access work documents and be able to communicate with colleagues easily.

What is the answer for businesses offering flexibility?

Businesses are having to adapt and evolve to suit the flexibility offered to staff. Having a workforce that needs to work anytime and anywhere has forced many to reevaluate their IT infrastructure and seek a more agile solution.

The cloud has been utilised by many organisations as it gives access to a modern IT infrastructure that doesn’t cost the earth. With data and software available at any time and anywhere, the cloud offers the flexibility that employers are looking for. Businesses that are becoming less reliant on in-house hardware are supporting a much more flexible workforce whilst still remaining secure and compliant.

The Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based workspace package that offers a range of productivity tools. It facilitates remote working by offering an effective and efficient digital collaboration tool. Office 365 is considered as the number one cloud business application due to users being able to work anytime, anywhere. Employees can also use their own devices to access work, creating an engaged workforce who is willing to go the extra mile.

Would you like to offer your employees flexibility?

Employees that are able to work remotely and switch their hours to suit them are more productive and businesses thrive as a result. With more than 58% of workers stating their motivation levels were increased when working outside the typical office environment and with more than a third of workers putting in extra time, offering flexibility can be beneficial for all involved.


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