If your IT partner is not delivering like it used to, or your business has grown and needs new skills and expertise to draw on, then you may be considering a change of partners – especially if your contract is coming to an end. From our experience, many companies consider the following when reviewing if their current supplier is the one to continue working with:

  • Being clear about what is working and what is not
  • Reviewing future needs vs current needs
  • Understanding the challenges involved of change
  • Researching what else is out there

If you’re considering moving from your existing IT service provider to a new one, it’s reasonable to have concerns about the potential risks and challenges involved. However, ending your current IT service contract and putting a new one in place with Acora is not as daunting as you may think. Roughly 40% of our clients have moved to us from another partner, so we’ve had the time and experience to perfect a seamless process of transition.

Our 4 step, stress free, transition process ensures a painless switch:

Step 1: Learn
Knowledge transfer sessions with key stakeholders ensures we get to know your business inside out.

Step 2: Connect
Examine the processes, technologies, infrastructure and skills required to deliver the services you need.

Step 3: Plan
Build a robust plan for transition from your current supplier to Acora.

Step 4: Manage

Dedicated project management resources deliver the transition programme to the required go live date.

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