Working from home is something that the majority of us had to practice for the first time over the past year, and many of us are still learning and transitioning. It can be challenging to adapt to and maintain a homeworking lifestyle since there are different factors to consider that perhaps did not take affect when working in an office. Therefore it is important for your health and wellbeing that you organise your home office so that you can continue to #BeTheBestYouCanBe.

Here are some top tried and tested tips from our Acorans’:

Keep your desk organised & tidy

Consider ordering some desk, draw or wall organisers to ensure your paperwork has a home. When you need to locate a document, you will be able to access it stress-free and it keeps your space feeling manageable and positive.

Set time aside to de-clutter

While this may seem straight forward, it is easy to let organisation slip at home. Set a weekly reminder on your calendar to de-clutter and organise your files. This also means your digital workspace. Avoid busy desktops and swap them for organised structured folders.

Decide what you need to work effectively

It is important to have enough space on your desk to work productively and so consider where you locate your computer, printer, scanner, landline, calculator, etc. Ensure your desk functions in a way that works for you and your role.

Divide workspace from personal space

Avoid slouching on the sofa with your laptop, working in your pyjamas. Instead, have a shower, get dressed and be ready to start the day. It is important to locate your
If possible, set up your desk in a quiet area near natural light. Your computer screen should be an arm’s length away from you. Try to find a comfortable chair with back support. Your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees bent at a 90-100 degree angle. Some people put their computer and work items away in the evening, creating a demarcation.

Take your breaks

The office day is broken up by meetings, kitchen chats, lunch and toilet breaks. Working alone, without face-to-face interaction, makes it easy to work for long, unbroken periods. It may be tempting to work flat out, especially if you’re trying to prove that you’re productive at home. However, the brain is like any other muscle, it needs to rest. Go for a walk, get some exercise and stretch. Then get back to work.

Celebrate small wins

When working on your own at home staying motivated can be difficult, especially when there are distractions: the kids, the dirty laundry, social media… the list could be endless. To maintain momentum, spend a moment or two acknowledging what you have been able to accomplish that day, rather than fixating on what you still need to do.

Maintain positivity

Even something as small as adding some green plants, artwork or inspirational quotes can help improve morale at your home desk to make it a pleasing place to be.

This is how few of our colleagues’ have organised their home desks…

“A positive home workspace to me is when I keep it tidy. I like to decorate my desk with things that make me happy – my llama mug and Patricia the Prayer plant makes all the difference to my day!”
“My top tip is to tidy your desk at the end of each day. Leaving it tidy feels like you left work and packed up for the day! Plus it means you are organised for the following workday.”
“Sometimes distractions can be a good thing to break up the day when you’re not in the office. Taking the odd 5-minute break to cuddle my cat Star makes me feel happy and re-motivated to focus on work!”
“When working from home, I follow the same morning routine that I would follow if I was coming into the office, so fully dressed ready to go. I even have a quick walk around the block before I start, that way I find I have the right mindset to start each morning.”
“Lighting is so important and makes such a difference to my productivity. Try to set your home office space up near a source of natural light and set up some lamps!”


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