Almost every day we read of data breaches, the misuse of customer information or some new hacking scandal. In this environment, any company using data extensively (and don’t we all?) must grapple with ever more regulation and acute consumer pressure. As a result, security and privacy of data are top of mind for both anxious executives and hard-pressed IT teams.

This paper, from our friends at Microsoft, addresses seven key principles common to all cloud data warehousing scenarios. The practices described here are specific to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. 

Download the eBook here.
As is commonplace with everything on the Azure platform (and highlighting the pace of change) some of this technology has already been enhanced. For example, in the public cloud these days it is no longer the firewall, but identity that is King. However, what this paper does provide is examples of the fundamental policies and processes that will ensure you’re better prepared to implement and support the most demanding privacy and security initiatives today and in the future.

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