Parking what the compelling event may be, when businesses contact us it is usually from one of three directions:

  1. It is from an IT leader who has identified the need for change and is clear on what the potential solution is
  2. It is from an IT leader who doesn’t have the complete answer and is reaching out for a little support in specifying the right solution
  3. It is through an IT consultant, working on behalf of the customer, armed with a complete plan

The ratios over time have been fairly consistent, but we have noticed an increase in the third option in the last 12 months.

Why are more mid-market companies working with an IT consultant?

Often it’s because the IT leader is so focused on BAU or because IT isn’t their prime focus – that an injection of external expertise can prove invaluable. Mid-market organisations that currently use IT as an operational tool often look outside for IT expertise before pursuing potential strategic projects if they don’t have the time or skills in-house. A high-quality consultant can help frame a current challenge, design a solution, select potential partners, manage the RFP, keep the MSP honest and oversee the implementation. We suspect that the recent growth is down to the sheer complexity of some of the next-generation solutions, meaning that some early independent assessment is increasingly effective. So, the role of the independent IT consultant can be crucial in the successful delivery of the new technology and resolution of the business problem.

Is this a trend we expect to continue?

Yes, because they form an effective bridge between a business with a problem and the potential Vendor/MSP community, who may be unknown to the client. The client has trust in their consultant, the consultant has knowledge of potential suppliers and that often makes the process go faster and more smoothly. Bringing expertise in-house for specific projects makes a lot of sense.

Does it matter to a MSP?

Not at all. As mentioned above it makes the journey from enquiry to implementation quicker. A quality MSP is comfortable working with either the client directly or where they are using the services of a quality IT consultant.

So, if you are a mid-market company and rather than seeking advice directly from an MSP, there are real benefits to working with an independent consultant.

If you are a consultant and would like to know more about how Acora can help solve your clients’ business problems, please feel free to contact us.



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